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Available Kittens and Young Adults in Washington


Last Updated

May 25 2016



Siamese Kittens Available out of Pink (Lilac Lynx Point), Sired by Permes Perses. We have 2 outstanding quality kittens. A cross between American Lines and European. These 2 wonderful kittens are Seal Lynx Points with excellent contrast, deep blue eyes and exceptional temperaments. Raised underfoot and loved on.  Very well socialized, and in good health. Raised with allot of TLC.


Trophies Awarded to Permes Kittens in Germany for Championship Titles for Best in Show. Championship Status awarded to our kittens. We are Proud of our Beautiful cats and the stunning kittens they produce.



Dear Potential Kitten Buyers, I just wanted to take a moment to explain my adoption process and the price of my kittens. Please expect to answer relative questions to help me determine if I can help you in your kitten acquisition and match you to the perfect kitten of your choice. All potential kitten buyers will be screened carefully to ensure the kitten gets the best possible home. I will explain how my kittens are raised, also discuss the importance of good nutrition, vaccines, environment and other very important information to make this experience a joyful one for you, your family and the kitten.



The cost of operating a small Cattery successfully takes Thousands of dollars a year in expenses, which include Highest quality premium cat food; dry and wet, as well as canned Wild Caught Salmon, vitamins/supplements, goats milk formula, which includes eggs, plain yogurt, Knox gelatin, Karo syrup; alone, along with many hundreds of pounds of litter a year, cleaning products, bedding for the cats, carriers, toys, kitty condo’s scratch posts, advertising, registration paperwork to maintain records of my cats and kittens, gas, increase in my utility bills, vet bills in the thousands of dollars, hours and hours of our time socializing our kittens, cleaning and repairing damage to our property and not to mention the energy it takes to maintain a healthy clean environment that taxes ones health.



Please understand my prices are based on the quality care and expense it takes to raised happy healthy beautiful kittens. You get what you pay for when you buy a Permes Siamese/Balinese Kitten. I don’t sell any breeding stock and therefore all my kittens are sold as pets ONLY. Also, due to the number of inquiries I get from people who allow their cats to roam outdoors, I adopt my kittens on a contractual agreement as strict indoor companions only for their own safety. I’ve had to turn down many people from adopting my kittens solely based on this unsafe practice of allowing there cats to run outdoors. I will not sell my kittens to anyone who isn’t wiling to adhere to this condition. Price range is from $900 to $1,400 depending on the quality of the kitten, the breed and the coloring/markings. All my kittens come with a health guarantee, congenital defect guarantee are vet examined at least twice before they leave my home and are free of all feline infectious diseases. My veterinarian for the last 7 years has been: Poulsbo Marina Veterinary Clinic. My home is Veterinarian Inspected and Certified as a Cattery of Excellence by CFA. Thank you, Louis