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Firebird Crazy Cats

Black Ticked Oriental - European Import (Russia)
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Firebird is a Black Ticked Oriental that comes to us all they way from Russia.  Her and her sister Flamengo are both 100% Show Quality Orientals. What impresses me the most about these two girls is how in your face their personalities are.  Their temperaments are exactly what you would expect from a well socialized cat.  Very affectionate, friendly and intelligent.  Their athletic skills are unreal.  They leap over furniture like gazelles with the least amount of effort. Their favorite spot to sleep on is my chest.  I have to push them off me; otherwise I would get nothing done.  If it's not my chest its my lap or my shoulder or just playing with my shoe laces, which is one reason I've decided to not wear shoes with laces anymore.  Anyway, Firebird is a gorgeous Oriental with a coat that looks like that of a wild cat and she has stunning deep green eyes.  I am so excited and look forward to working with this Breed of Cats.  They are fantastic!   Thank you Lyudmila.