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Dobelhouf’s Sarotti Chauco

Havana Brown (Solid Chestnut) Oriental Variant - European Import
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Chauco, is an exquisite Havana Brown Oriental.  His coat is a deep dark chocolate brown which literally shimmers and it feels like velvet. His eyes are large with a beautiful green hue.  He is 6 months old now and just a tab under that in these pictures.  I have such great plans for this boy.  I feel blessed to have such a gorgeous sweet boy living with us.  I've wanted a Havana Brown for about 14 years now, so getting this boy is like a dream come true. Him and his sister (a Cinnamon Solid) were picked up by my daughter Julie who flew to Germany to get them. Although, he is a little shy still, he has made a huge improvement since his arrival. He likes being held and kissed now and is seeking us out for attention. Thank you Tanja and Christiane for making this happen for me.