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Hi Louis! How've you been? We're doing just fine ~ loving the Bug (Bugsy) more every day (if that's even possible!). 🙂 I posted some pictures of him on Facebook yesterday and realized you're no longer listed as one of my fb friends. I really wanted you to see a couple of these pictures so I'm going to try to e-mail them to you. He looks so beautiful I just have to share! He is 2 years old now and was neutered the same year we got him. He is the BEST kitty ever!!! Â We absolutely adore him... we sometimes call him our puppy - cat because he follows us around just like a puppy and he plays fetch! Bugsy's eyes look so beautiful!!! What a pretty boy he is! Thank you - Tina Westbrook, WA - 7/18/14 Sired by Husani and Oni

Jewel & Copper

Hello Louis, How are you? Do you have a new group of kittens? My 2 kittens are doing wonderful. I picked up Jewel at my veterinary on Thursday after being spayed . Jewel and Copper are wonderful, very different looking from each other but beautiful. Their personalities are unique and they are a total joy. They are fun to be with and are exceptional kittens. They adore each other and both are very affectionate to me. They work together getting into mischief and sleep with me every night. They follow me everywhere. My student also give them lots of attention. There has never been any anger between them and it is beautiful watching their dynamics. I have never seen anything like it. Copper is getting really big. I hope he slows down soon because he looks almost full grown and is only 7 months. They are indoors cats and have totally accepted it. There is no jealousy for my attention and they are a real blessing. Thank you for helping me have the two of them, they are the best Siamese cats I have ever had. Here are some pictures. Blessings to you, Sharon Pierrot / Canada

Permes Kittens

Exported to Sweden
Dear Louis! Just want to let you know that my Permes cats are doing great! They are feeling right at home. The only one that needs a little extra time is Luna. She was scared the first couple of days, but is getting better and better. Now she comes up to cuddle. But she is not as relaxed as the other ones yet. But no worries! They have only been here one week. I LOVE them, we all do.. I am so fascinated by all of them. The quality of Permes cats is just outstanding.. I will write more soon! Many hugs, Linda / Sweden / 7/5/14


Exported to Germany
Olga Nadia
Hello Louis, Lilu is dong wonderful. He is our constant companion. From Germany with Love, Max and Olga, Germany 5/12/14 Parents cats Snowie and Akins


Lily (Martha's kitten)2
Hello, Louis! Lilly is doing very well. She seems quite comfortable with us. At first I think she kept running around the house looking for you! She and Neela, mostly Neela, are still working things out but all looks pretty well! I have attached a couple of recent photos for you. Of course, Lily has grown a lot. I agree with you, she has an amazing personality with more and more of it showing all the time. It's kind of funny, my first Lilac Point Balinese was perfect, too! I have always told everyone how perfect Jasmine was. She even passed away perfect which may sound weird but she never had bodily fluid problems before she passed away and she just slowed down tremendously the night before and then the next morning quietly passed on in my arms. Maybe there is something special about Lilac Points! Lily loves playing with my husband. She is one of the best "fetchers" we have had. She is still very active and sometimes we have to make her slow down. Her perfect manners amaze me every day. I think she has had the best manners of any cat I have ever lived with. I think the word "evolved" you mentioned in your last e-mail is quite descriptive of her. Again, thank you for allowing us to have her join our family! Yours truly, Martha in Chicago Sired by Thor and Muy Bella


Hi Louis, Baxter is doing great! Attached is a pic of him all stretched out in bed last night. Haven't had any issues with the litter box or scratching. A few small bites here and there when he is playing but overall he has been great. We had kept the litter box and his food in the guest room and will probably transition these downstairs over the next week. Andy / 2/11/14 Sired by: Kalifani and Queenie


Dalilah and Athena kittens 065
Hello Louis, I thought I would write you about Jewel. She is the nicest kitten I have ever had. She is my shadow, wants to please and is so easy to teach. She likes me to say, "Good girl." When I say it, she smiles. She is a real character and definitely owns me and the house. There is a strong bond between us and she is a joy to have around. She is special and I thank you for her. She is extremely smart and understands a lot but grumbles and squirms when you try to clip her claws. She only meows when she doesn't like something which isn't often. Looking forward to getting to know my Red Point boy. See you in February. Sharon / Vancouver, CA 1/14/14


Dalilah and Athena kittens 142
Hi Louis, Just letting you know that we took Sam in today for his vaccines. He weighs 3.8 lbs and is doing great. He is a very lovable and SOCIAL cat - I've never actually seen a friendlier cat which is awesome. My son rarely has any reaction around him, even if Sam decides to sleep in his room. So, all is well. The vet told me that he is now up to date on his vaccinations. He has only had one rabies vaccination which was today, plus the boosters of what your vet gave him on 12/9. Thank you - Sam is awesome. Everyone loves him. Carol Ann Seattle, WA / 1/10/14

Miu Miu

Hello Louis I am Ozony and I acquired this beautiful kitten from you back in 2011. She has since been dubbed Miu Miu by my fiancee since she loves the shoes and miu miu is close to meow? Lol anyways Miu Miu is out of Zorro and Zina. She is a wonderful companion and friend to me and has been with me thru the best and worst of the last 3 yrs. She is a true friend who sleeps at the foot of our bed and follows me everywhere she has very very very closely bonded with me and smothers me with purrs and head butt's. Thank you for your great work in preserving this great breed I could not have asked for a better friend. Ozony New York City 1/11/14


Janna's chocolat point boy(1)
Hi Louis, Just a photo to let you know how well it's going with the kitten. Zach is a total love and he is having an amazing start. We love him like crazy and the transition to our home has been smooth. My 3 yr old girl kitty even gave him a full grooming yesterday. I hope all is well with you and your family. David / San Francisco, CA 12/9/13 Ebe and Akin's kitten


Hi Louis, Well we have had our precious Kyro 6 months now, so I wanted to give you a little update. He is doing just great and has brought such joy to our family. He has really taken a liking to the children. He is so patient, loves to play with them, and takes turns snuggling with each of them at night. During the day he will follow us around and hang out where ever we are. He really seems to enjoy us as much as we enjoy him. We had him neutered a few months ago and the vet couldn't get over how beautiful he was. He even had all of the techs in the office come into the room just to see him. I wasn't surprised, however, he truly is the most gorgeous sweetest cat ever! Thank you again for everything, Francesca and David / OR 12/2/13 Picture taken by Francesca


Hi Louis, Sorry the lighting isn't great but wanted to send you a one year photo of Cody . He is really beautiful and a total clown! Just love him! Hope you and your family are well. Happy Thanksgiving, Renee in Chicago, IL


Hello Louis, I named our cat Sam Siam, but just call him Sam. Dave and I love him and he is a great cat! He was recently neutered and here he is (attachment) with the cone head! It is off now and he is well. He sleeps in the bed with us and is playful and funny. I still miss Max, but Sam is a great cat and certainly does not have the same behavioral, and temperament issues or urination outside the box habit that Max had. In fact although I have Sam on the highest level of cat health insurance, I wonder if I will ever need it because he seems so sturdy. But that's OK, I will keep it going anyway. I hope that you are your family and cats are all well. All the best in this remembrance day long weekend, Laurie and Dave - Langley, BC 11/10/13


Dear Louis. It has been a long time since I contacted you. My name is Kara and it is now over 13 years ago that I received a kitten from you, one whom I named Luna whose parents as I recall were Binki and Caesar. I received Luna from my then partner Alan as a gift for looking after his old lynx point that passed. I don't know if you can recall, but we came to your house in California so long ago and picked up Luna (I never forgot what you said, "this one's crazy") and drove back with him to Vancouver, Canada. Well, of course, much happens in 13 years. Alan and I ultimately went through a very painful legal separation and I found out only 2 days ago that he has passed away. From this circumstance, I feel the need to thank you now again for Luna who has been my constant, devoted companion through the most difficult times of my life. He is a big, gorgeous, quirky and intelligent cat. And as you can see from these recent photos, I have tried to give him the best life that I could and he has remained healthy, strong and happy. Thank you again, Kara / Vancouver, Canada 11/6/13


Hi Louis, Thought you might like to see how "Mango" is growing. He is the best cat we have ever had, and that is in a long line of Siamese. Never seen such high intelligence and so much personality. He's wonderful company for my mother. (We all love him). If you have any more kittens with such tremendous personality let us know! Hope all is well with you. Best, Sarah / CT Son of Ebe and Akins


Hi Louis, Just wanted to give you an update on little man, with some pictures taken about two weeks ago. He continues to be an absolute delight, and I think it's safe to say he loves his new home. He follows me everywhere, and we keep each other company all day at home. I finally found my dream man. 🙂 Thanks again. Addi / WA


Hi Louis, I can't believe I've had Tashi (Meka) almost 5 months. As you can see, she is gorgeous. I think she is the prettiest kitty I've ever had. She is a big clown, as well. Yesterday she was carrying a foam ball in her mouth and when I told her to bring it to me, she pranced over and dropped it so I would throw it for her - then she brings it back again. She and Sophie are devoted to one another. Sophie even lets Tashi nurse on her; she thinks Sophie is her mother. I asked the vet if it was ok, and she said it is fine. She has also learned the word "no!" very well. As you warned me, she gets into everything! When I went to get into bed last night both of them were in my spot and wouldn't move. I, of course, wound up sleeping on the other side of the bed as not to disturb them - then they both decided to sleep on top of me. Thank you for helping bring so much joy into my life! I'm emailing this picture and 2 more. All the best, Marilyn New York City - 10/21/13 Lilac Point Female.

Hi Louis, Just wanted to let you know that our little man is settling into the family beautifully! He is outgoing, loving, and everything we hoped for. I can't thank you enough for giving our family such a gift! I'll send you more photos as his colors emerge. Many Thanks, Seattle, WA 9/27/13 Kitten is out of Muy Bella and McCloud


Hi Louis, We have been so busy lately, but we are finally on vacation. Here are a few pictures of Logan from yesterday. He is just the most amazing little guy. He is the most loving cat, we brought him with us to our cottage which is 7.5 hours away, and he was a great traveler :). We had him neutered when he was about 16 weeks as he was beginning to show signs of marking, and the vet didn't want to chance him changing his personality due to the testosterone, he is already over 5 pounds! Logan was so good that the vet only needed local anesthetic and didn't have to sedate him, which apparently is really rare with male cats. Logan's favorite thing to do is play fetch, and it is so adorable! We will take a video of it and send it to you when we get a chance. Hope all is well with you Sincerely, Benedetta 8/20/13 Son of Dalilah and Kalifani


Dear Louis, I wanted to send you a quick update on my/your beautiful Rosina (Dalilas daughter), sent to me back in Winter 2012. She just turned 1-year-old today, and has grown into the most beautiful classic/traditional-looking Siamese with the most affectionate personality, that I have ever seen. She is as gorgeous as she is sweet! She loves cuddles and food and is sweet and gentle with all of us (my-12-year old son and myself are still her favorites) and has a blast with the other three cats in our household. Her body is robust and muscular, her head nice and round with beautiful proportions. Her coat is a silky and with hardly any hint of beige, just a wonderful grey frosting at the points. Her eyes are the absolute show-stopper with their unbelievable blue-purple hue (see the untouched outdoor photo of her face taken last week on my bluestone deck in the early evening light). I wish today's indoor photo did justice to her true colors, but she will not sit for me to be photographed; all she wants to do is come to me to be petted! Thank you for the gift of such a LOVELY cat! We adore her and cherish her! Elena Brookline MA 8/20/13

Cats Exhibition

Hamburg, Germany
Dear Louis, It was a very successful weekend on the cats exhibition in Hamburg. 22 nominations for best in show, 5 for best in show, 3 for best variety, and 3 received a special prize! We are proud of our cats/kitten children. The cats exhibition in Hamburg in the Felidae was for our kids: Maleena, Leon and La_Jana (Thai) Larissa (Balinese) and our N litter a success! Saturday: Maleena: 1 for best variety and 2 nominations for best in show! Leon: received 2 nominations for best in show La_jana: received 1 nomnierung for best in show Baby Neelix (10 weeks old) nominated for best in show and won best in show! Baby Nikita (10 weeks old) and won best variety! Our litter N: has won best in show! Our Balinese Queen Larissa won 2 x special price 2 x nominated for best in show Sunday: Our N litter: 2 x nominated for best in show and won best in show Our baby Nalah (10 weeks old) won best variety 1 x, 2 x, nominations for best in show and won the best in show, best in show Our baby Nando (10 weeks old) 1 nomination for best in show La_jana: won 1 x special price 1 x nominated for best in show Maleena: 2 x nominated for best in show Leon: 1 x nominated for best in show Our Balinese Queen Larissa: won 2 x special prize, nomination for best in show, and won best in show! We are very proud of our kittens and cats from Permescats by Louis Azcarate. They have proven their quality in the show ring and the judges love them. Thank you Louie ! 6/30/13


Hi Louis, Hope you and your family are well. As you can see, Tashi (Meki) is adjusting beautifully. She and Sophie are inseparable. She loves to get rambunctious at night when I am trying to sleep; as you warned me, she loves to get in to everything. Thank you so much. She is bringing me lots of love and joy! All the best, Marily / New York / 6/29/13


Hi Louis, Here are some pictures of Logan. He is such an amazing little guy 🙂 I can't believe how much I love him already. Everyday he shows his personality more and more. He is a very bold little guy and isn't afraid of anything, and already wants to explore the house. He is getting along well with one of our cats (Max has taken him under his wing and follows Logan everywhere, even when Logan wants to be left alone- Logan doesn't like sharing his toys at all- he always growls at Max whenever he is playing, I will video it soon and send it to you it is so adorable). Logan is very vocal, whenever I leave him (even if just for a second) he meows and meows until I come back- he must have some of his dad's personality. Logan is the most affectionate kitten I have ever had, he just loves to cuddle in my arms or sleep in my lap all the time. I can carry him all around the house, and he doesn't leave my arms until I put him down. Thanks again Louis for picking such a perfect kitten for us all, I was having such a hard time with the loss of my other cat and I never thought I would be able to find one as nice, but you have proven me wrong and I am truly grateful for that. My mom has even told me that I have finally gotten my smile back again. I will keep you updated about Logan as much as possible :). Hope things are going well with you and your family. Thanks again for everything, Kali / Toronto Canada / June 27, 2013 (Daughter) Hi Louis Logan is amazing he is adjusting well, such a sweet loving......demanding in a great way wants to explore and be with us all the time. My daughter is his favourite of course. You picked the right kitten for our family not sure how you do it. I will send pictures soon. Hope you are not as busy..... Take care Benedetta (Mother) Kitten is out of Dalila and Kalifani


Hi Louis: Hard to believe its been over a year since little Chelsea arrived in NYC. She's mellowed quite a bit since those early 'insistent' days (and perhaps so have i!) and we have a great time together. As ever, she continues to be quite a character - whether climbing into my arms to remind me that its time to get up in the morning; dropping a toy in my lap or bed as a 'hint' that she'd like to play… NOW! 😉 or watching TV (she seems to love The Smurfs and National Geographic… go figure!?) Chelsea recently had her annual physical and passed with flying colors. Now just over 8 lbs, the vet said - 'this might be the healthiest, and certainly the most beautiful, cat i've seen in a long time'… and i agree! Anyhow, i hope all's great with you. I do still look at your website from time-to-time… and wonder whether Chelsea might like a companion or if she's happy being the queen of the castle. (what's your experience with that? do some cats prefer being solo? or do super-intelligent breeds like Balinese need 'company'?) Look forward to keeping in touch. Kind Regards, Nikki Nolan, NYC 5/25/13

Princess Mei Ling

Good afternoon, Louis, I hope you and your family are well. I just wanted to send you an email letting you know Princess mei ling is doing FABULOUS! It is unbelievable how well socialized she is and how she loves human company. She has made herself right at home in no time and became accustomed to our rhythm of life. She even sleeps in our bed between us under the covers all night long. She has many, many store-bought kitten toys and except for the fuzzy mice on an elastic string, her favorites are chasing a shoestring back and forth, paperbags, and batting plastic bottle caps on the hardwood floor. She has decided that the rugs on the floor need a thorough thrashing every once in a while to keep them in line, which is so cute. 🙂 It is unbelievable how much she has grown in the quick 2 weeks we have had her. Terry and I just wanted to let you know that it is very apparent how much time and love you obviously put into your cats and kittens, and that we would give your cattery our highest recommendations and praise. Princess mei ling is an endless joy and gives us old folks many hours of smiles and entertainment. Thank you again, and we will keep in touch. Suzanne and Terry Akins Redding, CA 5/18/13 Parents are Hermina and Shasta


Nafrini's daughter
Hello Again! Louis she is truly a blessing to us all. She is such a precious Angel.. In fact that's what my husband calls her, I call her Baby. She fits all these. Sleeps on top of us even! She is so smart.... Loves to play fetch and brings it back and drops it at our feet so we can throw it again after she feels its dead. As you see here she is growing fast and becoming more beautiful, she's a real princess. Thanks, Valida, Seattle, WA 4/30/13 She is out of Nafrini and Shasta.


Hi Louis-- I thought I would send you a picture of Snowie in her "library" -- she has her furry mat in there and loves it! Snowie is doing great and certainly has taken over as Princess in her new home. She has gotten used to all the noises the city has to offer and is quite well djusted and we are thrilled to have her! She sleeps with us and when it's time to get up, she comes over and lays across our neck until we get up to feed her. She is a delight! Hope all is we is your world! Sincerely, Ryder and Paige / New York 04/24/13