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Permes Aisha

Is Retiring and Looking for a Forever Home

Aisha's name couldn't be more perfect and suited for her personality. She is not an aggressive troublemaker in the least, but on the contrary a peacemaker. She always seems to intervene during a scuffle between kittens and starts licking them clean to distract them from taking things to serious. She almost never engages in hard play unless it's with her sister who knows her better than any of the other kittens. She has a very Zen like demeanor and enjoys our photo sessions without any complaints. She is another one of God's precious little creatures. The contrast between her points and her body is outstanding, her eyes are amazing accompanied by her awesome temperament; she is perfect. This little girl is definitely SPECIAL. Her temperament is one of a kind. We love her dearly. She is sired by Thor and Dalila and is TICA Registered.