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MyBali-Si Azizi of Permes

in Egyptian means Adored/Precious

I was granted the privilege of acquiring Azizi from a wonderful breeder who I consider a friend today. The meaning to Azizi's name holds true in our hearts here at home. He is definitely adored and precious in our lives. We have great hopes for Azizi in our breeding program because he is of completely new bloodlines to every cat I currently own and also comes from a very long line of CFA Registered Balinese cats ONLY. He is a Classic Style Applehead Balinese of 70's and 80's. He is slightly finer boned with longer legs than his more Traditional counter part cousin and walks with an elegance of an aristocrat. The contrast between his rich dark chocolate shimmery points and his ivory white coat is superb. It's second to none. His eyes are a deep blue and his temperament is sweet, social and docile. I really couldn't ask for a better cat. Azizi is now retired and now residing with Maria with Tia Maria Siamese Cats