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Permes Muy Bella

Lilac Lynx Point Balinese

Permes Muy Bella (means very beautiful in Spanish) and that is exactly what she is. Muy Bella is daughter to Permes Belina and Akins. She is a princess, a Diva, a Super Model of the cat world. Her temperament is just amazing. She is a daddy's girl (my girl). She follows me every where around the house like a dog. She'll wait for me on the other side of the door and talk to me until I come out. She will also open the door if I take too long, so I have to lock my bathroom door, otherwise she'll open it and let the entire clan in to watch. I love this little girl. I know she will pass on these wonderful and hilarious traits to her kittens in the future. Her D.O.B. is 8/11/12.


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