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Queen Nefertiti

is being Retired

After much thought, I have decided to retire Queenie. I wanted to keep her in my breeding because she is perfect in so many ways and because she always produced the most wonderful kittens. However, I came to the realistic conclusion I can't. I couldn't find the right time to breed her. So, with a heavy heart I decided to place her in a forever pet home. She is a gentle soul and loves attention and lots of affection. She is still a young cat born 12/14/09, so she is roughly 5 years old. I'm looking for a qualified Balinese Cat lover only as her forever human companion. Thank you.

Queenie is a beautiful Chocolate Point Balinese sired by Kara's Passion Mischief and Permes Miamore. Her coat is as soft as rabbit fur if not softer. Her temperament is fantastic and get along well with all the other cats and kittens. We absolutely love her.


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