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Permes Snow White

White Balinese / Oriental Long Hair

Snow White is Registered as an Oriental Longhair. However, her lineage consists of mostly Siamese and Balinese purebred cats. There are two Orientals grandfathers on both sides of her pedigree hence her Registered Breed name of Oriental Longhair. She was named by my daughter Julie who thinks she is one of the most gorgeous cats she has ever seen. Hence the name "She is the fairest of them all" She is very much like her sister Blanca but without pushing herself on everyone. She is outgoing, gentle, and affectionate. Her temperament is a bit more docile than her sister Blanca's, which is very typical of a Balinese/Oriental LH. She is extremely intelligent and has learned to get into things that would be of no interest to most cats, but to her it's just another challenge to satify her curiosity. Her long white Angora like coat, along with her deep blue eyes make her look elegant and graceful. She is a cat fit for Kings and Queens. Her date of birth is 7/9/13. Sired by Chicago Snowstorm McCloud and Permes Muy Bella.


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