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Permes Blanca

White Siamese / Oriental

Blanca is a rare white Siamese / Oriental. Blanca has a wonderful temperament. She is absolutely a people person cat. She greets everyone who walks in the door and expects to be petted and held. She doesn't know she is a cat. She walks around the house thinking she is a person and expects to be treated like one. Her eyes are a stunning deep dark blue, which contrasts her solid white coat beautifully. She is an absolutely amazing cat and I'm proud to have such a beauty in my breeding program. She is offspring to Muy Bella and McCloud and although the rules of breeding Foreign whites recommend you don't breed them to Lynx Point due to the possibility of freckling around the mouth and nose, I did as a test breeding and to my good fortune none of the whites that Muy Bella produced had any freckling on them. However, I will not practice this breeding again. From now on all White Siamese / Orientals will be bred to solid pointed Siamese only.


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