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Hermina - Thai Seal Point

In Greek means: "Messenger" and "Earthly"

Hermina comes to us, all the way from Germany. She is a jewel in every since of the word. Her temperament is outgoing, social, affectionate and very engaging. She loves to talk, race around the house, watch TV and rest her body either on our shoulders or laps. Hermina is what we call a Classic Applehead in the US. She is a middle of the road style Siamese, which is between a Traditional type Siamese and a Modern type Siamese. Her contrast is exceptional. Her body is elegant yet solid, muscular and very well proportioned in every way. Her Sire is: Grand International Champion Filou and her Dam is: Salome. She now weights in at 9 pounds as of 5/9/12. I acquired her from good friends Martin and Karin (with Casa Serena's Cattery) and who are devoted Siamese cat enthusiast and are very active in the show circuit in Germany. Martin and Karin came to us for a short 7 day visit in October 2011 and they had a chance to spend time with us and our cats. They met all all cats including our Vet Dr. Julie Evans. They had the opportunity to see first hand how we raise out kittens prior to taking them back with them to Germany. Today Martin, Karin and I have become dear friends and thus we decided to share some of our bloodlines with each other to insure the soundness and integrity of the breed. Hermina's Lineage comes from the top Siamese Catteries in Germany and her pedigree will prove it. She is 100% unrelated to any siamese cat in the USA, which makes her very special to us and our breeding program genetically speaking. I look forward to breeding her to Shasta and Husani in the near future. This year looks very good for us. Thank you Martin and Karin for our Hermina. She is awesome! I almost forgot to include; Hermina also won her first title (Trophy) at a cat show for Best Siamese Kitten.