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Husani of Permes - Retired

Husani in Egyptian means Handsome

Retiring Husani is not an easy thing for me to do. He has been the heart of my breeding program and has produced some of the loviest and sweetest kittens in this country. I am sad about this, but my reality is; his breeding career has to come to an end to live out the next chapter of his life as a wonderful pet in a forever home. Husani is shy at first, but not in the least way aggressive or neurotic. Once he feels comfortable with the person he opens up to he turns into a lover. He is gentle and sweet even for an intact male stud cat. Once he is neutered he will make the best pet ever. I tell you, I will be picky as to the home I choose for him. I don't want a home with loud children or dogs for him. He will only be adopted out to a catless or two cat home. This boy deserves it. I guarantee you he will make the best pet ever. thank you. Date of birth 7/10/10. He isn't even quite 4 years old.

Husani came to me from a good friend of mine Chicago. She has only 3 cats in her breeding program: Permes Miamore, Passion Mischief and one other seal point queen she acquired from me. Permes Miamore is Husani's Mother and Kara's Passion Mischief is his sire. The exciting part of acquiring Husani is that he is out of some of Permes Older lines, which are not easy to come by these days. Husani's temperament is AWESOME. He's got a large set of eyes with what I call an electric blue with a tinge of violet in them. His type is robust, muscular, with good even proportions. His contrast is excellent, with dark steel grey points and an ivory white to his body. What I like most about Husani is his extremely affectionate and gentle nature. He is a big baby and he simply adores my kids. This is a trait I want to see passed on to his kittens. I am very fortunate to have him in my breeding program for 2011. Be on the look for his kittens. I have great plans for him.