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Casa Serena Issa of Permes - Is Currently Reserved to Wade


Issa is of Permes and Casa Serena Lines, but bred by Karin and Martin of Casa Serena Cattery. She comes to us all the way from Germany from top notch breeders. Karin and Martin flew in from Germany to deliver this little girl to us. Issa is elegant, statuesque, and dignified. Her temperament is excellent. She is confident and outgoing. Her eyes are large and very blue. Her contrast is exceptional. I understand now why she was awarded a trophy at the cat show for "Best in Show" Karin and Martin's dedication to the breed is to be admired and respected. They are not only dedicated to the care and well being of their cats but also through their unrelenting effort to exhibit their cats and kittens to ensure that all their cats and kittens meet the standard of the breed and therefore only the very best are used to continue on as breeders. All their cats and kittens are shown and judged for outstanding conformation, temperament and over all quality. Issa was awarded as Best in show, which is a huge recognition and confirmation that she is a top quality kitten. I am proud to call them my friends. Thank you Karin and thank you Martin. You are indeed exceptional people, breeders and friends.