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Permes Nafrini - Red Point (a.k.a. Flame Point)

Is Now Retired

Nafrini is absolutely delightful and hilarious. She truly possesses all the characteristics and personality of her color (Red Point). This little girl is undoubtedly a busy body who gets into EVERYTHING, However she is also very affectionate, talkative, and is highly intelligent. She goes around the house talking up a storm and follows everyone one like a puppy dog. Her points even at this age are a deep bright apricot color / sherbert orange and looks amazing against her Ivory white coat and her saphire blue eyes. Her body is strong and muscular. Looking at her face reminds me of Fire and Ice. What a beautiful combination of colors on this kitten with a superb personality to boot. I have big plans for her. I already have her Red Point mate in the making. If you are looking for the finest Red Point Appleheads around then you'll want a kitten out of her. Her mate will be a Violet Eyed Flame point of Traditional Applehead Siamese lines only. Nafrini is out of some of my old Red Point Lines, which include Tonopah Big Red, Permes Gambit, Permes Apollo, Permes Lucy, Permes Trudy, Permes Rosie Red Wings and many others. I was lucky enough that I placed a couple of my Red points in the care of a breeder friend of mine in CA, which I was lucky enough to find again right in the nick of time. My thanks to Michelle and her husband Bob.


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