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Life's Abundance

Permes Shasta Cola

Is now Retired and placed in a Loving Forever Pet Home

Shasta is a Seal Point male son of Kubla Khan and Joy and lives in Washington. He is my pride and joy. His eyes are truly Violet and he passes this trait onto his kittens. I added some new pictures of Shasta as he looks today. Scroll along and you'll see some of his kitten pictures. He has darkened up a bit since those early pictures of him, but as you can see, he has turned into majestic Applehead Siamese. His mask is nearly black and so are the rest of his points and his eyes are unrivaled. He has had a problem with my camera since he was a kitten. For some reason he runs from it to avoid it at all cost. As soon as I put the camera down he is ok, but for whatever reason he's decided the camera is a monster. Shasta was born 7/11/08.