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Permes Thelma - Seal Tortie Point

Has Been Spayed

Thelma (Sired by Shasta and Nafrini) has to be the prettiest Tortie Point I have ever laid eyes on. Her eyes are like two huge deep blue marbles and her markings are full of rich cream, red, dark chocolate mixed with different shades and tones of brown. Torite points have become rare these days because breeders just stopped breeding them altogether. They didn't have a market for them, so they removed them from their breeding programs. Now they are nearly impossible find, which is why I decided to breed them. I just couldn't see this color pattern disappear from the Siamese cat world. About Thelma, she is a dream cat. She is what I consider a perfectly well behaved cat. She can't do any wrong. She is peaceful, non destructive, affectionate, and talkative. We call her Angel because she is so sweet and docile with everyone.