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Permes Iris

Chocolate Lynx Point Siamese
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Iris is daughter of Permes Perseus and Darja (European Imported Balinese Queen). Unfortunately, we lost Darja soon after she delivered her first litter of kittens, which is the litter Iris and Perses are out of.  She was bit by a highly toxic spider.  It was a sad time for us as well as challenging.  We bottled raised Iris and her siblings 4 days after they were born.  I’m glad to report all six kittens survived and turned out great.  We kept both Perses a Seal point and  Iris.  Iris, is pure love, but like all female cats, she will strongly object to anything she does not approve of.    She has to have it her way or its the highway for you. She  and her brother Perses possess an almost human quality that makes them the most special of all our cats.  They are both amazing.  I think it has everything to do with bottle feeding them since they were only 4 days old.