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Lotus Flower of Permes

Seal Point Siamese
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Flow is what we call her here at home.  She is an Applehead Old Style Siamese who's sire is an import from the Netherlands and Dam is American Bred.  Making her half American Lineage and the other half is European.  Now, this girl is down right goofy.  She is a live wire that doesn't stay still for more than two seconds when she is up.  Her personality is outstanding.  She loves, loves people.  She is soft and cuddly, which makes her so good to hold.  This baby girl doesn't mind you holding her or kissing her.  She'll take it all.  Keep it coming is her motto.  Pure love.  In some of her pictures you'll notice a discoloration in her nose.  Well, it happened while she was racing around the house and crashed directly into one of my walls causing her to injury not only her nose but her lips as well.  Unfortunately, her natural color of her pigmentation never came back and it stayed pink.  This is a wonderful queen.  Perfect temperament for our program.